Colchester Machine Tool Solutions now offer the full end-to-end machining to marking solution.

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Colchester Machine Tool Solutions now offer the full end-to-end machining to marking solution.

Continued commitment to providing innovative, value-added solutions to customers Colchester understand the rising demand and need for traceability of machined parts. Working with sister company TYKMA Electrox, Colchester now offer a wide range of market-leading industrial laser engraving machines.

These versatile pieces of equipment are suited for a wide variety of industries including automotive, medical, aviation and any application where traceability is required, suitable for marking any material, surface and composition. The number once choice in industries across the globe for their precision, performance and reliability.

The Colchester/TYKMA Electrox range of permanent laser marking machines offer a cost effective, noise free, clean, quick, efficient durable permanent marking solution offering a simple alternative to existing industry methods such as chemical etching, dot peen marking and labelling. 

The laser range is diverse and ranges from compact, flexible desktop units including the MinilaseTM and Lasergear BOQX and QUBE products which combine simplicity with power through to the ZetalaseTM range which offers a more expansive marking area, available in multiple configurations ideal for marking larger/heavier components. 

Also on offer via Colchester's experienced application engineers are bespoke custom built solutions, these custom builds can offer up to 4 axis capability providing stepped marking and an almost limitless marking area.
The full range of lasers available can be viewed on Colchester's website 

All permanent laser marking systems come with warranty and Colchester's service and support package which includes installation and application training, servicing and support. 

The lasers are available for demonstration at Colchester's product showroom in Elland, West Yorkshire or can be booked for on site demonstration via the applications team.

If you would like further information on the laser range, or to book a demonstration, contact Colchester on 01924415000 or via [email protected]